13 April 2010

Question Time!

So the other day I got a Formspring account and I'm loving the completely random and hilarious questions I've already had from friends.

So..ask me something!


Ask anonymously or leave your name, ask about fashion and style, about me or just about anything else you can think of..bonus points if it makes me smile!

Any particularly interesting and relevant ones I'll post here :)

Regular posts are still rather intermittent but I shall be sure to keep updating as regularly as I can at the moment!

7 April 2010

More Proof That I Spend Too Much Money On Awesome Things.

What I bought yesterday:

New gig bag from River Island

Proper GaGa glasses ♥

David & Goliath t-shirt from TK Maxx..I can't resist an awesome t-shirt

Dress from TK Maxx

Top from Zara

Shirt from Zara

The sequinned epaulettes pretty much made it for me

New soft plaid shirt from Primark

Skirt suspiciously similar to the ones in American Apparel but for a tiny fraction of the price

Boosh tour DVD to go with my Vince Noir-esque 80%20 boots!

Still haven't got round to playing it, but I can't wait! Saving it for an extra-boring day.

What I Wore Today: 07/04/10

Hello, Sunshine.

Even though I'm not so much into the whole springtime and beauty of nature thing, today was BEAUTIFUL. I snapped a super-quick picture of what I was wearing before I left (check out my divinely retro sleeping bag in the background):

POF: Not doing a lot on a sunny day
Shirt: Zara (more pics to come..I kinda love it!)
Tee: Mighty Boosh tour
Sunglasses: Primark (more pics to come tooo, these are lush)
Watch: Tokidoki
Bag: Urban Outfitters
Belt: Lowlife
Shorts: Topshop
Tights: Primark
Boots: DMs.

What I Wore Today: 06/04/10

Point of Fashion: Going out to buy lovely things :)
Hoodie: Hollister
Vest: New Look
Thermal: Primark
Shorts: Primark
Tights: Primark
Boots [not pictured]: Fryes

It was actually pretty cold so I'm glad I wore the thermal top! I can't wear scarves or big necklaces for a while because I recently got my nape pierced, which is a shame as I love scarves and big necklaces.
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