26 August 2009

[QUESTION] If You Were The Opposite Gender, How Would You Dress?

Ok, we all know it's not possible to suddenly wake up as the opposite sex in some kind of twisted 'Boy/Girl Thing'-esque parody. Recently I've listened to the rantings of some of my lovely and fantastically fashionable male friends, ie. what should I wear, how hideous is this top, why are all the high street stores full of rubbish this season, etc. Rifling through the mens section at Topman is, whilst ignoring the odd looks from passers-by, quite interesting.

Wandering into the men's section is like a new awakening to a world of fashion I have little experience with, as normally I go shopping in order to clothe myself and not a guy. Things like adjusted waist sizes, chest sizes and collar sizes seem to mean nothing to me in the men's shops, which is honestly rather alienating. Also, considering the sad lack of male-targeted high street shops selling truly stylish clothes, I'm not surprised that half the guys forced into those places by mums and girlfriends feel a bit alienated themselves.

So, hypothetically speaking, if I was a male, this would be my capsule wardrobe:

[click here for larger images + prices and stores]

Description: Rock-inspired clothing with a hefty portion of All Saints goodness thrown in for good measure. Despite the price, it would work out as fairly good value overall, as I'd be wearing each piece over and over. All the pieces would work perfectly for layering as well as matching, so these pieces would blend in seamlessly from season to season. The cranberry-coloured t-shirt could be worn with or under any of the other pieces, as it is the sole vibrant colour amongst a collection of neutrals, which are neither overwhelming in pattern nor colour whilst still making a statement.

I should probably create my very own capsule wardrobe; unfortunately I enjoy experimenting with so many styles that it probably wouldn't work! Maybe in a few years?

Again, the question: If you were the opposite gender, how would you dress? Would you dress in a similar style to how you already do, or would you go for something completely new and different? Would you stick to gender-specific clothing, or would you characterize yourself as the cheeky crossdresser? I want to know!

25 August 2009

What I Wore Today: 25/08/09

POF: Plaidaholics not-so-anonymous; not wearing eyeliner. Today I went to Sea Life with the bf to see some cute and smelly animals & truly revolting feeding habits before going to the beach in the evening.
Shirt: Criminal Damage - I want so badly for this to work, though I'm not sure it does! Blue is one of my all-time favourite colours to wear & I very much like this despite this fitting very tightly even though it's a Large.
Vest [under]: H&M
Necklace: Urban Outfitters
Bag [not pictured]: Latest UO purchase.
Shorts: Primark. Savouring the remainder of freedom before I'll only be allowed to wear skirts and jeans constantly.
Tights: Also Primark & one of the better-made items they sell.
Boots: Fryes..pictured for once! I've been wearing them almost every day for months, I'm kind of in love with them.

20 August 2009

What I Wore: 20/08/09

This week is all about being busy, tidying, cleaning and getting ready for the impending autumn - exciting! However I've been rather disappointed with the selection of clothes in stores at the moment as I've found very little that I actually like, how strange. I was in London a few days ago and yet none of my favourite Oxford Street and Regent Street stores had a single new thing that I contemplated buying. Though I did get some good old Topshop skinny jeans. Hurray for 36" inseams!

Today I managed to dress myself to go out and get my exam results.

POF: Got 3 Cs and a D - thank god for Year 14.
Vest: Urban Outfitters
Tops: Forever 21/H&M
Belt: Off-brand
Shorts: Primark
Tights: Cheap (hence the holes)
Boots [not pictured]: Fryes

15 August 2009

Bristolian Goodies.

I had the pleasure of travelling to the charming city of Bristol yesterday and spent a good few hours enjoying the fantastic shops, delicious food and delightful townsfolk. Most of the shops there are some of the biggest high street stores (hello brand new 4-storey Primark!), as well as a few exciting boutiques and vintage shops scattered around the place, making it a wonderfully enchanting place to pass the time. I can easily spend an entire day there by myself without being bored.

I didn't spend a whole lot of money strangely enough, but here's what I bought:

Dorothy Perkins biker bangles! I seldom buy bracelet sets, but since I included these beauties in my previous list of lustworthy items, I decided I had to have them. I couldn't exactly say no when I saw them in the store reduced to £7 either. They are actually five separate bracelets and do indeed make a fabulously jangly sound when I walk, especially when accompanied by my wings necklace.

Urban Outfitters cross-body heart bag. Like most, I cannot resist a good bargain. Reduced from £28 to £9.99, I thought this was a rather excellent bargain. I plan to use it as my gig bag, as the previous bag broke when I was jumping/moshing/headbanging too hard. Ahem. It's similar to many versions currently at Topshop, except half the price.

I did happen to go past the Banksy exhibit a few times, though the line was unimaginably long so it would have been impossible to get in. I think it circled around the building several times before snaking between metal fences outside the entrance. Next time then?

9 August 2009

8 Dorothy Perkins Must-Haves!

I'm ridiculously thrilled about some of the new items in Dorothy Perkins' Autumn/Winter 09 collection. They seem have a terrible reputation around here (they've shut down their closest store now!), as previously they only had very plain, ill-fitting and generally hideous offerings. DP was referred to as 'the old lady shop' and I was genuinely stunned when my friend once unearthed some rather cute red skinny jeans from there in her size. Everything else was just, well, bland and ugly to put it lightly.

Now it seems that DP have finally got their act together with their website featuring some trendy yet rather lustworthy pieces, tempting me to spend even more of my ever-depleting bank balance, and I'd say it's definitely worth it! Here are some of my favourite new pieces:

1. White Foil Lip Print T-Shirt - £15 - Many of the styles lately have been going unashamedly 90s at the moment; my best friend used to have a white tank top with a blue foil print just like this one. And how cool were cutout shoulders?! This particular top is reminiscent of our childhood era without going over-the-top and still works perfectly with our current 2009 wardrobes. Wear with a loose-cut blazer and skinny jeans for a 21st century edge on this deliciously retro piece.

2. Grey Sequin Waistcoat - £30 - I'm currently trying to find the perfect waistcoat; although this is a little sparkly & delicate-looking for everyday, it looks like one of those things you can't help stroking every time you go to the store until you eventually buy it. Irresistable, no?

3. Navy Military Jacket - £40 - As it's likely you'll have to wear a jacket every day this winter, why not buy a gorgeous one? And what better way to spend that £40 weighing down your wallet? I adore military-styled jackets like this and would buy it if I didn't already have a very similar one...

4. Saints Of Soul Navy Stripe Dress - £40 - Anyone will know how extremely passionate I am about All Saints inspired pieces like this gem. There's a skirt in a similar style to this on the site and even the name suggests they may be rather heavily influenced by All Saints. I'd wear this with a short jacket and my reliable Frye boots and would more than likely wear it everywhere too.

5. Biker Bangle Set - £15 - A delightfully stunning bracelet set! This particularly one looks a great combination of punk and girly style bangles as well as being wonderfully jingly - one-person percussion band, anyone? This set seems to feature 6 different bracelets which would be excellent for fiddling with when bored at school.

6. Black Stud Pencil Skirt - £35 - No one seems to be able to get enough of studs lately; what better way to celebrate your new addiction than with a basic black punkish skirt with a delightful assortment of studs on the pockets? Basic yet detailled without being excessive.

7. Red Abstract Union Jacket Scarf - £12 - Sure, the state of our country's going downhill fast, but how timelessly classic does our flag look? Especially with butterflies thrown into the mix. An improvement on River Island's version of the scarf without the strange tassles or pricier tag.

8. Stone Suede Stud Ankle Boots - £50 - Wonderfully Vince Noir-esque footwear for the impending cold weather. Wear with opaque tights and a skirt, or grey/black skinny jeans for an indie rock-inspired look. However I fear these are real suede, so it may not be wise to wear them in the unavoidable downpours this Autumn. Wear them around the house if you like.

If you've just, like me, fallen in love with any of the previous items, it's best to buy them now before they sell out! Avoid disappointment and snap them up while they're still around.

2 August 2009


As any girl over the 5'8 mark knows, being tall can be a dreadful nightmare when it comes to shopping for clothes; nothing seems to fit. How familiar do any of these quotes seem to you?

- "It's much too short..I don't want the whole world to see my stomach."
- "There's no way I'm wearing jeans with the crotch this low - I'm not a goddamn gangsta kid."
- "I refuse to buy my clothes from the plus size section."
- "How dare they call me 'abnormally-sized'!"
- "I think I'll buy a Mens Small, at least it covers my belly."
- "If I hear anyone recommend 'Long Tall Sally' to me one more time, I think I'm going to scream."

Despite what others may think, high street clothes (especially cheaper ones) are normally designed to fit petite people with small chests, short legs and larger rear ends, so it's no surprise that upon entering the dressing rooms we can become frustrated with the terribly generic fits of clothes from places such as Primark and Miss Selfridge which seem to be made with the shorter girl/woman in mind.

So what do we do about it? Although crop tops seem to be coming back into fashion, ankle-grazers aren't always going to be in the 'What's Hot' section of your favourite magazines. We don't need to source our entire wardrobes from patronisingly-titled plus size sections in certain stores and most importantly, being tall does certainly not mean we need to compromise our style! I am 5'11 myself, borderline 6', and I feel awful that some of my fellow tall friends think they are doomed to wear the most awfully drab pieces because their stomachs peep out of everything they try on.

As it is nearly time to start frantically stocking our wardrobes for back to school/college/AW09, here are 5 simple rules to adhere by when browsing the racks this coming season:

1. Stop buying your clothes from the mens & plus size sections!
Why? Because despite the fact that they're just the job to cover the lower half of your torso, they most likely fit you horribly everywhere else. I'm sure we all have mens t-shirts stashed away in our wardrobes for various reasons - gig souveniers/sleepwear/awesome designs - and even if they're bought in a size S or XS, they still squish your chest, drown your waistline and envelope your shoulders, arms and neckline. Plus-size clothes will most likely disguise everything (unless you're genuinely plus-sized) - how can we be sure there's a fabulous figure under there. In addition, both kinds of clothes will make your body look like a square, which is definitely not what you'd call a desirable look.
What do I do? - We've all done it before - there's no reason to be ashamed. If you have larger things for sleepwear, make sure they are just for sleeping in. If you're good with a sewing machine, make a fabulous patchwork blanket or pillowcase out of the awesome designs and save the leftovers for DIY scrap projects or textile recycling.

2. Stock up on well-fitting basics.
If your basic pieces don't fit you properly, how is the rest of your outfit going to look? Plain tees, jeans, vests and leggings will look ten times better if they fit your shape, honestly. I had several pairs of H&M jeans on rotation and didn't realise how badly they fitted until I tried on a pair with an extra-long inseam from Topshop. T-shirts are much more comfortable and flattering when you can lift your arms in the air and they don't expose your stomach to the world.

Some must-have tall basics:

Topshop Tall Pocket Button Jacket - £60
Winter is quickly approaching and you don't want to be stuck with a last-minute cheap Primark coat that's clearly much too small for you. Even though it's not the most colourful style, this black coat can be worn with everything and you won't have a frosty breeze blowing around your middle as usual.

Tall Ribbed Scoop Neck Tank - £6/2 for £9
Layering tanks that fit you properly are an absolute essential and black and white are the most versatile colours. Wear them under tiny low-cut tops to turn them into casual wear, or wear them on their own or with a shirt over the top in the summer.

Topshop Tall Grey Denim Mini Skirt - £25 [£15 on sale]
The problem with wearing short skirts when you're tall is that they usually tend to look a little risque; they fit shorter on you than intended and as you probably have long fabulous legs it'll make the skirt look even shorter. I really want this skirt myself - shame they don't have my size in the sale. The grey will go with almost anything, it'll be a decent length when worn and would look great in all seasons.

Topshop Tall Ultimate Skinny Jean - £40
I'm not sure how these skinnies qualify as 'ultimate', but they seem like the next best thing after the sadly discontinued Baxter cut (medium/low rise, long skinny leg). Wearing jeans in the correct leg length is so important that I can't stress it enough, especially if you have particularly long legs. Try on a standard pair from H&M or Primark and then try ones with a longer inseam - much more comfortable as well as being a lot more flattering. It's absolutely worth selling all your old pairs and buying jeans for your height - you won't regret it.

3. Don't feel that you have to buy all your clothes from the Tall collections.
Let's face it - although Topshop, Dorothy Perkins and New Look offer a small selection of extra-long Tall clothing, the vast majority of it tends to be annoyingly drab and, although great for basics, you definitely wouldn't want to have to buy all your clothes there. That would be a nightmare. Instead, try things on if possible - many t-shirts, skirts and tops should fit fine, just make sure by trying them on before buying. Make sure you know the length you need on a top or skirt before making a purchase online to avoid disappointment. You don't need to be exiled to the equivalent of the icy tundra in your favourite stores, just make sure that an item is going to look fabulous on you before deciding to get it.

4. You CAN wear whatever styles you want.
Magazines tell us that because we're a certain body shape, we're restricted to certain styles of clothing. They tell us ridiculous things such as tall girls should only wear high waisted jeans and never wear high heels, petite girls should wear fitted tunics and heeled boots, etc. Sure, it may look more flattering to some people, but some girls would rather die than never wear a pair of heels ever again. When you're tall, many different styles flatter you despite what the fashion columns say, so try on an assortment of different pieces and don't be afraid to wear what you truly love just because you heard it's 'wrong'.

5. Love your body!
Taller people are often the butt of many spiteful jokes; don't let them get to you.(how many times have I heard "how's the weather up there"?) People often make rude remarks and comments because they can't deal with their own feelings of inferiority. Never take things like that personally. You have an awesome body and dress yourself to celebrate that. There's no 'good' or 'bad' height to be. Walk confidently, smile, dress fabulously and you shall look amazing.

Link List

- Topshop Tall - best selection of stylish tall clothes I've found, as it features many of the odd Topshop-centred trends parallel to the main collections as well as the best jeans.

- New Look Tall - Only found out recently that New Look has a tall collection. Nothing terribly exciting but it's worth a look if you're interested. If you're going to a store, the tall stock tends to be all over the place and not in one particular spot.

- Dorothy Perkins Tall - I've seen a few skirts in the past here that I've liked. Nothing incredible but definitely worth a look. Good for basic items too.

- Next Tall - Convenient for smarter workwear, as well as for your especially tall mum or older sister.

- This made me laugh.

- UK Tall Shopping Directory. For everything else.

Good luck with your shopping! ♥
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