30 December 2009

Boxing Day Bargains, Oh How I Love Thee...

It's true, sales have been starting so much earlier now than ever! You've all heard the crazy stories of the chaos resulting from this year's post-Christmas reductions...

- Panel falls on Selfridges shoppers in Manchester

- Riots in Gucci..what?!

- And even more craziness!

Luckily Bristol wasn't quite this bad, though there was still a fair amount of shoving and crazy queues!

Here is my comparitively small Topshop haul:

Grey jersey blazer, reduced from £45 to £25, a great plain alternative to my other blazers which are all patterned

Black wool biker jacket, reduced from £65 to £30. I was rather distraught when these had all sold out on the website, though they had plenty in the store.

Topshop is definitely the place to go for sale bargains, as most of their items are a bit too expensive at full price and the discounts are always generous. Plus they seem to reduce all their winter and party season stock, not just the stuff that isn't selling.

Post your sale bargains!

20 December 2009

Almighty Trends of the '00s

What are your favourite and least favourite trends of the last decade?

I found the slideshow 'The Short-Lived Trends of the Decade' at NYmag.com via Gala Darling's blog - definitely worth a look for the pure nostalgia factor.

It made me consider all the weird, wonderful and completely questionable trends cropping up in the last decade. Will the 00s, or 'noughties' as this decade is becoming more commonly known, be iconic for fashion in years to come, or will we merely be regarded as 'the decade of crappy recycled trends'? Every decade in the 20th century has its own distinctive trends - what will ours be? Skinny jeans? Waist cinchers? Ugg boots? Or merely a demented mishmash of just about every ironic trend and pretty thing before us?

Here are my favourite from NY Magazine's great slideshow (all images from here) and ways on how these looks were/can be worn:

1. Saggy, Baggy Jeans: '01-'07
A relic of all our troubled childhoods in regard to style, hopefully the sinful saggies won't rear their ugly faces for a while yet to come.
Worn with: Blink 182/Sum 41/New Found Glory t-shirt and/or an extremely loose hoodie, guys and girls alike. These could be paired with chokers, studded cuffs, skate shoes and greasy, unkempt hair. Oh early noughties, how we won't miss you.

2. Uggs, Teen Truckers & Gymwear everywhere but the gym: '03-'06
The stranglehold that teen celebrities and MTV stars had over fashion in the early to mid-00s was really quite worrying. Can anything good, looks-wise, be said about any of these looks? Looking on the bright side, hopefully we won't see them again anytime soon.
Maybe it's just the troubled style situation in the depths of South-West England lately, but Uggs are still very much around every season, fake and genuine alike. Logically, shouldn't these have vanished by now? I've yet to see them being worn well.
Worn with: Von Dutch vests, heavily logo'd apparel, badly bleached hair and a gym bag casually slung over the shoulder, even if you've never set foot in a gym in your life.

3. The Almighty Skinny-Fit Jean: '07-?
I don't see skinny jeans going down in the trend stakes anytime soon. Best flattering the taller and slim-legged, they're sure to be around for a while to come - I just don't see us readjusting to flares and saggies anytime soon! This classic style has been produced in many washes, shades and hues - what's your favourite pair?
Worn with: Tees, minidresses, coats, jackets, boots, flats, rocker looks, girly looks..just about anything you can pull out of your wardrobe.

4. Neon Revival: '08-?
Neon just wasn't meant to be, in my opinion: it was too much, too soon. Neon was actually only cool for about a week or two, but places like Blue Banana are still selling entire outfits in eye-burning neons. These days I only see it worn by middle-school punks (yes, our school district enjoys americanising everything..we even have yellow buses!) and for ironic '80s parties.
Worn with: Other shades of neon in highlighter yellow, pink, green and orange. Tutus, tees, tights and shoes must co-ordinate or else clashing may ensue. At least you won't get run over, right?

5. Ripped Skinnies & General Pantslessness: '09-?
Ripped skinnies, in my opinion, can look great when done right: cut horizontally with a sharp razor and worn with a more classier, grown-up ensemble rather than the aforementioned middle-school punk look.
Pantslessness, on the other hand, I have few words for. Just: don't. At least it gets us many laughs at the unfortunate chocha-related mishaps in Winona's hilarious blog.
Worn with: Ripped skinny jeans: blazers, smart tops, studded heels and gunmetal-coloured items of beauty. Pantslessness: please don't try this at home, you have been warned.

6. Tough-Girl Chic: '09-?
Still going strong, this super-shiny, smart yet sexy look is still prominent on the rails of the top trend-loving stores such as Topshop, River Island and Dorothy Perkins and looks set to continue its reign over fashion for a while yet. One of my definite favourites!
Worn with: Girly pieces: playing with contrast between the two different looks is always fun.

There are so many more trends and disasters worthy of commentary - don't forget to let me know your favourites!

Dear Readers: Don't worry about lack of updates over the next couple of weeks - Christmas is sure to keep me busy! I'll be back blogging again in the New Year, but if you want to contact me or send me lovely messages I'll still be checking my email at racotterell@hotmail.com over the holidays. Have a delightful Christmas and New Year, beautiful people! ♥

14 December 2009

In search of the perfect coat...

Anyone residing in the fair British Isles as of late will be fully aware of the icy Arctic blast currently sweeping across the country..and it's absolutely freezing!

Some of us pile on half our wardrobe to keep warm, but the slightly more stylish way of keeping warm in the chillier weather is to invest in a truly gorgeous, classic coat. And if you haven't already, now is surely the best time to get one.

After getting out my beautiful coats I wore just about every day last winter, I was shocked to find that they are now much too big for me; I don't know if I've lost weight, or if I've simply got used to wearing clothes that fit me better. Whatever it is, I'm feeling a bit stuck and a mere jumper or two doesn't seem to be enough to fill them out.

After searching the internet far and wide, I've come up with five favourites which I really wouldn't mind having.

Vivienne Westwood Anglomania Jacket - £481
I've been lusting over this style for what seems like forever - the colours and shape are gorgeous. Also similar to Becky Bloomwood's amazing coat in the 'Confessions Of A Shopaholic' film..who wouldn't want to channel Becky's super-cute style?

Topshop Short Double Breasted Coat - £60
Simple yet classic and would go with just about everything, even jeans. I prefer the grey rather than the black as it looks more sophisticated. Despite being from Topshop, its neutral colour and simple cut mean you can stop worrying about wearing the same coat as five other people in your class. Sure, it'll be everywhere soon enough, but it can be mixed up so easily it's hard to go wrong.

Patrizia Pepe Black Pea Coat - £328
Another classic style, this one is unashamedly grown-up but can easily be dressed down with jeans and a pretty scarf. Suits just about every age, so no need to worry about 'growing out' of your style with this key piece.

Alexander McQueen Houndstooth Folded Jacket - ~£1500
Who doesn't love a bit of McQueen, really? This probably wouldn't do much for keeping me warm, but the extravagant cut is so wonderfully unusual that I really wouldn't mind it.

Full Circle Wrap Over Blanket Coat - £180
Belted coats seem to be irresistable - ultra-feminine and sexy when hardly baring any flesh at all whilst being smart enough for work and school. Such a beautiful hemline too..I want this!

What's your must-have coat this winter?

10 December 2009

TFT #9

Topshop Knot Stitch Palmwarmers - £8

I want some of these for Christmas! They look wonderfully warm - these days I'm always shivering in the icy winter winds with nasty dry skin and cracked knuckles from the cold - not a good look for sure. These look perfect for keeping my poor hands warm! Plus the grey means they'll go with almost anything.

3 December 2009

New All Saints Buys!

I haven't been feeling too great the last week or so, though I'll be back posting regularly very soon!

Last week I received two gorgeous items from All Saints purchased during their 20% off days..what's better than a discount on your current favourite website?

All Saints Pious L/S Top
Although now sold out on the website, this top is perfect for layering and the material is luxuriously fine - much more touchable than other plain layering tees! The only problem is the sizing: I bought a size 14 after just about being able to fit into a size 14 dress of theirs; unfortunately the top fits more like an 18 as it just drowns me! It doesn't seem to have shrunk after being washed, but I think I can just about pull it off with a jacket over the top to hide the bagginess. If all else fails, I could always wear it as a minidress!

All Saints Ditzy Ezra Skirt
In love with this skirt! The price is a bit over-the-top, though it doesn't detract too much from its beauty. The print is slightly bolder than in the photos, being a brownish-beige and vermilion red. The shape is particularly unusual even when compared to their other hitch hem skirts, as it is shortest at the sides and longest at the front, as well as ultra-pretty worn at the waist. I have a size 8 in another of their skirts, though I (thankfully) chose a 10 in this one just to be on the safe side.

Although the sizing seems to be a bit sporadical between pieces, the finer materials and cuts are of almost designer quality, especially evident when compared with other high street offerings. The styles are wonderfully unique yet blend in with just about any style..so perfect! I can't wait to get more.

25 November 2009

What I Wore Today: 25/11/09

photography by my lovely photog buddy Rachel!

Jacket: Miss Selfridge
Dress: Miss Selfridge
Tee: Old I Am Ghost tour tee cut up
Tights: Primark
Boots: Fryes
POF: Adoring Miss Selfridge's new stuff and trying to avoid the gloom from this horrible weather!

I've noticed that many people are completely against calf-length boots with skirts/dresses: personally I think it depends on the boot as well as height of the wearer. Love my Fryes though. ♥

24 November 2009

10 Fabulous Gifts for Stylish People

I cannot believe it's nearly Christmas again. Are you ready for it this year, or will you be rushing around madly the night before making gifts out of cereal boxes and parcel tape? Probably not the best idea.

One of the best things about Christmas is the increase in the number of gorgeous, cute gifts available online, therefore I have compiled a list of 10 super-fabulous gifts for anyone else who loves to give pretty things as much as I do.


B 'Ding Dong!' Gift Set - £49.50

B products are some of the most sumptuously glittery, luxurious treats around, so why not treat someone who's been extra-nice to you this year? This is like a mini treasure trove for makeup lovers. In addition, they're closing down soon (sadness!) so stockpiling your favourite B products is a must before their gold sparkly doors are closed.


Decoupage Bangles - DIY them yourself!

A great way to create a more personal yet fun accessory. Decoupage a plain bangle with magazine cutouts, wrapping paper or even newspaper looks good - such a wonderfully versatile gift!


FredFlare Sprinkle Heart Ring - $11/~£7

Possibly the cutest, most mouth-watering ring in existence. Usually I try to avoid giving people jewellery as a gift as it's much more of a personal item, but this is much too cute for anyone to pass up.


Lomography Fisheye Print Ryan Camera - £45

Being a photography student I get to spend hours playing around with interesting and fun lenses/cameras and the fisheye ones have got to be my favourite: everything looks cooler in fisheye form. A fabulous grown-up toy in pretty, limited edition casing.


Matt & Nat Hendrix Vegan Handbag - £90

Shamelessly rock & roll, one of the vegan-loving Matt & Nat's newest handbags is a perfectly versatile accessory for both day and evening use. This particular bag is made from 4 recycled bottles - can you believe it? I can attest to their durability and general lusciousness as I own the extremely useful Camden bag in magenta. Did I mention it's also available in pink?


Next Union Jack Clutch Bag - £25
Next is a rather unexpected choice when it comes to pretty things, but I'm sure you'll agree with me on this one. A perfect evening clutch, covering two of the best trends in recent months - sequins and the Union Jack. Super-versatile as the greys mean it will go with just about anything.


Parisian Toiletry Bag - £13.50

Probably the prettiest method of storing your makeup and beauty products that there is out there. Great for travelling as well as looking beautiful on your bathroom countertop, this beats toting your cosmetics around in freezer bags.


2010 Calendar - £12

From the same place as the above item, the irresistable Lapin and Me, this is one of the most adorable little desk calendars I've seen. Forget boring office-issued editions, this super-sweet 3D desk piece will be sure to brighten up your workspace all year round.


Topshop Multi Space Dye Palmwarmers - £8

These look absolutely PERFECT for cold times at the bus stop and walking/shivering around town. I'm in love with the bright colours and unusual shape next to the masses of gloves out there - these look like a must-have essential for anyone this winter.


Warwick Avenue Crystal Nail Polish - £15

Anyone who tells you that things don't look 100x better covered in sparkly crystals is lying. A perfect way to add extra glamour to your makeup bag and look like a celebrity whilst painting your nails. Why isn't everything encrusted with sparkles?

What's your favourite item from this list? What are you asking for this year?

19 November 2009

TFT #8

FredFlare Bookworm Bookmarks - $7 (~£4)

Everything at FredFlare.com makes me literally wow with excitement. If you are an avid reader like myself, you'll probably have half a dozen different bookmarks consisting of till receipts, paperclips, schoolwork, etc. These cute phrase bookmarks are wonderfully unique, stylish and modern as well as marking your page without causing any damage to your book or other miscellanous property you may happen to stash between the pages in frantic moments.

17 November 2009

Playsuit Love <3

I bought this gorgeous Topshop playsuit a while ago, but had no idea how to make it suitable for casual wear, or whether it would suit me. But I kind of had to have it.


How I wore it:

[excuse the just-got-out-of-bed hair]
I wore an old Bring Me The Horizon tee with the neckline cut out over the top and with the old black semi-opaque tights underneath so I could wear it for school. Plus it looks like a skirt, so no getting in trouble for wearing 'bad' shorts, haha.

How do you/would you wear playsuits?

15 November 2009

Miss Selfridge Buys

Lately I have been addicted to some of the rather fabulous Miss Selfridge pieces - their general appeal really has stepped up in the last couple of seasons thanks to some rather lovely irresistable pieces.

Yesterday I bought this:

I managed to run into an old primary school friend of mine who was working in the fitting rooms due to getting a rather fun job; turns out we're both applying for the same uni courses! Scary but rad, no? Anyway, I spied this beauty and had to try it on despite having aversions to the following aspects: jersey bodycon-style fits (not great for jelly bellies in denial like me!), low neckline, very short hemline and low back.
Turns out it's not a bodycon fit at all despite its appearance on the rack: it has a kind of hidden pleat coming from the waist skimming over the stomach which nicely hides any excess chub and looks good with both darker tights and worn as a long top with shorts underneath. Great for school worn with tights and boots, as it's a dress (no shorts allowed!). The neckline doesn't come up quite so low when worn; however the back is lower..I can easily hide this with a blazer or jacket. Additionally, I got away with buying a size 12 to fit better to my waist rather than a 14..how's that for a self-esteem boost?!

This week I got what I thought was a beret from the Miss Selfridge website using my free shipping code..how wrong I was! It's one of those long droopy hats that looks great on some people, but makes me look like an estranged member of the Seven Dwarfs..shame really, as the soft knit texture is wonderful. Needless to say, I'm returning it as it is absolutely huuge.
I also picked up a copy of Teen Vogue which I'd spotted in WHSmith, since it gave me an instant happy flashback to days of holidaying in the US with a copy of the magazine in my backpack. Good times indeed! Is 18 too old for teen magazines?

Since I hadn't bought anything for a while previously, I was delighted to finally be able to spend some of my long-saved cash on awesome stuff.

12 November 2009

TFT #7

Crime Scene Scarf - £9.99

This edition probably would have been more appropriate for the week of Halloween in case anyone wished to dress up as a crime scene, though how awesome would it be to have one for everyday wear?

9 November 2009

Inspired: November Edition

gorgeous photo from here.

Welcome to the second edition of Inspired, fuelling you with ideas and motivation for an unusually chilly November.

1. Organise your winter wardrobe. It's about time you sorted out all your scarves, hats, coats and other winter paraphernalia. Take down those boxes, rearrange those draws and sort through those hooks - does it still fit in with your current style? Is it clean? Does it still fit well? If not, take the appropriate action and get sorting!

2. Treat yourself. October and November are when some of us, especially those with SAD, feel our lowest. Make yourself some hot chocolate, buy yourself a brand new umbrella, make plans to see a local band (why are all the best gigs in the middle of winter again?). Darker nights and colder weather shouldn't be able to bring you down, so why let it?

3. Choose a brand new winter coat. Although we probably have at least one coat that's lasted for the last few winters impeccably, it's always fun to experiment with new trends, or pick out a new piece that's completely different from our others, but which we love just the same. I tend to end up buying a few new coats every season - doesn't it make sense, particularly as you'll be wearing it nearly every day this winter? Click here for inspiration!

4. Start choosing Christmas presents now! The high street is already bustling with eager Christmas shoppers: beat the December rush and grab the most coveted gifts for family and friends before someone else does. If you're completely stuck for ideas, Amazon or Lush are good places to start! Don't be left in a panic on Christmas Eve and just go for it - you have just over 6 weeks left!

5. Pick charity Christmas cards to send to friends and family. Be extra-generous this year and buy Christmas cards which donate a percentage of the profits to your favourite charity. I already have these adorable cards which donate 10% of the proceeds to the Pets at Home charity to help abandoned pets. These cards from Topshop are also super-cute!

6. Discover your new favourite band. As previously mentioned, October and November offer the best gigs - why not take advantage of that and go listen to some new music? Google your nearest venues and check out who's playing over the next few weeks.

7. Write someone you love a letter and post it to them. None of this e-greeting stuff for me please! Less and less people are sending real, pen-to-paper letters to their loved ones, which is a great shame. My friend Sarah and I send each other letters about general stuff and about what's happening in our lives; even though we only live 40 minutes apart it's still fun! Better yet, check your calendar for near birthdays and make someone's day by sending them a birthday card in the post.

8. Take your camera with you everywhere you go. Mobile phone cameras don't count, by the way! My Photography teachers were really onto something when they came up with this rule - there are so many of those moments where you wish you'd captured some missed inspiration or something amusing. Autumn and winter photos are the most visually compelling, so call your best friends up and stage your own outdoor photoshoot, or capture all the little things that mean something to you in your everyday environment.

What's inspiring you this month?

7 November 2009

Buy my stuff please :)

Apologies for the lack of TFT and Inspired posts lately - it is true that blogging is the first thing to suffer when the real world gets busy.

I wanted to let you know that I am listing some gorgeous clothes on Ebay over the next few weeks: these are nearly all my own items, which I only put online every 6 months or so. All are in great, wearable condition and only being sold because they either don't fit me or don't suit me.

Click here for sales!

I will be listing more over the next couple weeks, so if you don't see anything you like just yet, there'll be more up very shortly.

Thanks for reading! ♥

1 November 2009

I Heart All Saints Knitwear..

If there's one item I cannot have enough of, it's the beautiful All Saints cardigans. Beautifully gothic-styled, yet completely un-tacky, classic and absolutely gorgeous.

Style: Grown-up goth queen meets estranged girly florals and glitter.

30 October 2009

Miss Selfridge Christmas '09 Collection

See the entire collection here!

Miss Selfridge have evidently stepped it up for the holidays, judging from their (literally) dazzling brand-new Christmas '09 collection. Expect glitter, studs, sparkle, sequins, leather, super-bodyhugging fits, overuse of the word 'gunmetal' and plenty of unashamedly glamourous pieces!

One could argue that the more sparkly pieces are ripped off from the worst fashions of the 1980s, reminiscent of too much hairspray and certainly way too much spandex. Though if you can't dress up in outrageously sparkly pieces at Christmas, when can you?

Personally I'm lusting after the glamrock-style studs, leather and metallics as well as the over-the-top, excessively sparkly dresses that are unlikely to be seen at any other time of the year (I'm in love..).

Any idea what you're wearing for those Christmas parties yet?

29 October 2009

TFT #6

'I Love London' Tote Bag - £6

Lately has consisted of going to university open days, reading university websites and fine-tuning every tiny detail of my UCAS application. Although this seems highly irrelevant to this week's TFT pick, it's not - London is the city that my top three choices are situated in and very close to. London has been my favourite city ever since the first time I went there - it's like a fairytale you can visit on the train - so it's only appropriate that I spend the next few years of my life living there. Plus the smiley cloud and clock tower design is irresistable.

I'm definitely getting one of these wonderfully appropriate totes next time I'm at Lazy Oaf.

26 October 2009

10 Ways To Keep Your Hair Gorgeous, Soft & Full of Life.

photo from here.

I have been asked numerous times about how I keep my hair alive and well despite all the stress I put it through: it's bleached, straightened and spiked pretty frequently, meaning I have to keep it in amazing condition for it to withstand this torture it's subjected to so often!

Considering the ominous winter season creeping up on us, this is one time you should definitely prioritise the health of your hair for it to withstand the impending snow, rain and wind. Whether you're growing it out or just prefer it to look fabulous, it is essential to create your own hair health routine and adhere to it meticulously.

1. Take your vitamins! Having the right vitamins in your diet is essential to keep you looking and feeling in top condition. Find a decent multivitamin that works for you and stick to it! My favourite is Centrum which is one of the widest available brands. Another great supplement which promotes hair growth is Biotin, though always consult your doctor before taking any new medications.

2. Eat healthily. Pretty obvious and follows on from the last, but what you put in your body makes a huge difference to health of hair and skin as well as how you feel. Foods such as fish, eggs, meat and oats, amongst others, are vital for hair growth as they contain the proteins which our hair and nails are composed of.

3. Sleep for at least 8 hours every night. A good night's sleep consists of between 8 and 10 hours, its health benefits often underestimated. If you skip a few hours of sleep every night, it will gradually begin to show. Find a good book and go to sleep early tonight, allowing you to look and feel full of energy for the coming day.

4. Leave an extra day or two between washes. Although they feel and smell rather strange, the natural oils our scalp produces are imperative to hair health and growth. Washing your hair every day or even every other day also washes away these oils that keep our hair healthy, so adjust your hair washing routine by a couple of days and use talc or dry shampoo to banish the greasy look between washes. I used to wash my hair every other day but now only do so twice a week, leaving my own hair feeling much healthier from it. If you get the opportunity, leaving hair 4 days or longer without washing will greatly improve its natural condition - the perfect excuse for a lazy weekend.

5. Find a deep conditioner that works for you. Hair inevitably dries out due to damage from sun, dyes and harsh winds. Finding a deep conditioner that suits your hair type plays a key role in having vivacious, lovely hair, one that gives your hair a thorough conditioning without feeling excessively waxy or greasy. My favourite is Aussie's '3 Minute Miracle' for Coloured Hair.

6. Lay off the heated styling tools. Although GHDs have become similar to a holy grail in recent years (and being promoted accordingly), what they don't tell you is that straightener overuse wrecks your hair! Split, dried and brittle ends are telltale signs of suffering from the overuse of heated appliances (this includes blow dryers, which are actually worse due to air+heat). Ideally give up the straighteners for good, or otherwise straighten much less frequently. I use mine once every 3-4 days rather than daily and whilst, not ideal, it's significantly reduced the amount of heat damage to my hair. If you're a GHD aficionado like myself, get a heat protection spray such as VO5 Miracle Mist. Although no product completely shields hair from heat, it's an absolute necessity if you can't do without the heated tools.

7. Protect yourself from the sun. You use high-factor suncream and SPF moisturiser to protect your skin, so why not protect your hair? Find a light comb-through anti-UV ray spray or simply wear your hair under a hat or bandana to protect both condition and colour. Hours of salty sea water and sunshine in the summer really do take a toll on your hair if you ignore it.

8. Schedule regular trims. Book an appointment with your hairdresser every 6-8 weeks to eliminate any split ends that may have appeared. The longer left, the worse they'll get. Regular trims keep your hair looking and feeling gorgeously healthy as the end damage is cut off, just make sure you keep it that way!

9. Avoid chemical damage as much as possible. This includes pool chlorine, bleach and any other chemical-rich hair dyes. If you must dye your hair, either use a natural dye or find a professional to do it for you. One messed-up home hair dye session means years worth of growth ruined simultaneously, so be careful what you put in there!

10. Style with care. Any tight buns, ponytails or barettes which pull on your hair are an absolute sin when it comes to healthy hair. Use a gentle, natural brush and a soft scrunchie rather than tight rubber bands when styling if you absolutely must wear your hair up. When using products, remember the golden rule of 'less is more'. More product means more buildup, so a light wax and spray are the very most that should be applied daily. Broken hairs are bad news, and rough styling will rapidly put unnecessary stress on your hair.

If you're growing your hair out, these tips should be regarded as even more important: unhealthy hair will simply break away when grown longer. Do your hair a favour and keep it beautiful!

23 October 2009

TFT #5!

Excuse the fact that this post is on Friday instead of a Thursday - my internet connection has been abysmal lately. Crossing my fingers and hope it works this time, as I found this beauty last night.

Accessorize Organza Vintage Pretty Flower Clip - £7

Lately Accessorize has been selling beautiful hairclips and fascinators - think diamantes, feathers, polkadots and divine shades of aqua and magenta..delightfully showgirlish!

This gorgeous, lifelike flower hair clip is perfect as a key piece with everyday wear - simply clip in for floral goodness which will brighten up a basic outfit. The flower does look unusually realistic, so beware of any demented bees it may attract.

17 October 2009

What I Wore Today: 17/10/09

Uni open days are so much fun. Additionally, I have the task of taking 100 photos this weekend for Photography homework and have so far taken 38..phew! Taking photos in public seems to attract the strangest & most concerned glances.

Jacket: H&M (new! forgot to take the tag off the 1st time I wore it the other day, oops!)
Scarf: Camden
Tee: You Me At Six gig
Belt: Harajuku Lovers @ Pac Sun
Shorts: Topshop
Tights: Oldoldold
Boots: Fryes

A question for my beautiful readers: how is autumn affecting the way you dress?
I'm feeling wonderfully inspired for my Photography project with all the amazing colours and textures around at the moment.

I took these photos today (ironically in one of the scariest, roughest towns in the South!) - they make me ridiculously delighted that autumn weather is here!

Are there any outfit posts in this blog where I don't wear these boots? I seemed to wear them all summer and they fit this season perfectly too.

You wouldn't have guessed that this stunning park harbours countless murderers, drunks and violent homeless people, did you?

15 October 2009

Thursday Fashion Therapy #4!

Thursday has rolled around again, along with drama, crazy giggling and the anticipation of wonderful things to come! Think of all the great events coming up over the next couple of months: Christmas, holidays, wintery weather, parties..there's such an enormous selection of events to look forward to in the near future! Due to the aforementioned drama and stress over the last few days, TFT is more than necessary.

Dorothy Perkins Silver Textured Bangle Set - £10

Noisy jewelry has become something of a trademark of mine lately - I'm nearly always wearing my DP biker bangle set (sans one jewel) and my Urban Outfitters wings necklace. Being your own walking percussion is a fantastic way to put a smile on your face and accessorize an otherwise plain outfit. Why not check out all the amusing rhythms you can jingle along to? These are wonderfully shiny with a great mix of textures, so mix them up to create a different look with your accessories every day.

13 October 2009

What I Wore Today: 13/10/09

Despite the sunshine outside, I didn't want to wait another day to start wearing my favourite coats again! Unfortunately one of the buttons came off soon after I got to school which I shall reattach shortly.

Coat: Kimchi & Blue
Skirt: Topshop circa 2003
Tights: Oldd (I got banned from wearing these at my last school! Apparently they were too exciting)
Boots: Fryes

Lately my outfit posts appear as if I'm not wearing makeup..leaving off eyeliner and eyeshadow makes a surprising difference! I recently had a minor eye infection so have decided to play it safe recently.

I am also having a minor wardrobe crisis - many of my clothes I just don't wear anymore! My style has changed a lot over the last few years and many trends at the moment just don't appeal to me, so shopping lately has been rather fruitless. Therefore I'm merely rotating a small collection of outfits which is completely depressing for someone who loves mixing up clothing as much as I do! Anything similar going on with anyone else?

Lockerz, anyone?

I'm sure a few people have heard of it before or have joined already, but this site slightly mystifies me. Free handbags for collecting points from answering questions and playing games? Possibly too good to be true, but it's worth a try, right?

The lovely Nikki from oh, fabulous sent an invite my way, so I had to check it out in person.

It seems Lockerz is being advertised as being 'the next big thing', building up a solid foundation of members with the temptation of gorgeous free stuff from points attained through daily activity before releasing secret new content. And free stuff is awesome, so I'm not complaining.

The bag, please!

Let me know by commenting with your email address if you'd like an invite - I have lots and would love to share them if anyone's interested.

8 October 2009

Thursday Fashion Therapy: Edition #3!

This week: the succulently sweet B Sugarlips Scrub!

B Sweet Lips Sugar Scrub - £4.40
B Mint Julips Sugar Scrub - £4.40
Also comes in bubblegum!

Lip scrub is undoubtedly one of those products you think you'll never need, but when you find yourself using it every other day it's difficult to remember how you ever lived without it. Being lucky enough to live near one of the delightfully glamourous and glittery B stores, I tend to wander in there when bored of the neighboring discount superstores and sniff/sample as many of the iridescent, colourful products as I possibly can. Although there's a time and a place for high-glitter creme eyeshadow and decadent shimmery body butter, their coveted lip scrub is my definite, must-have B essential.

The scrub is very easy and quick to use: simply massage a small amount onto clean lips before rinsing off with water, leaving formerly beat-up lips pillowy soft as well as a lingering chocolatey aftertaste (or minty if you're using the mint version!). If there's one coveted accessory this winter, especially after having your skin horribly ravaged by icy winds, it's gorgeous lips: get your own, all for a surprisingly minimal price. Try some for yourself!

4 October 2009

Inspired: October Edition

image from here.

Excuse my sudden absence from the internet - the last few days have called for impromptu celebration (passed my driving test!!) meaning I've had to go out to dinner, visit various people and see Flood Of Red - amazing band..go MySpace them! - as festivities to commemorate the occasion. TFT posts will resume next Thursday with an especially delicious new item for you to feast your eyes upon.

I wanted to introduce another new segment to my blog - welcome to the October edition of Inspired, featuring month-appropriate suggestions to stimulate your creative juices, pulverise boredom or blocks and invite some fresh insiration into your daily life. This blog will still be very much fashion-focused but with some scintillating new extra features by my very own self. Sounds good? Read on!

1. Start planning your Halloween costume! The 31st is soon approaching, which calls for some fabulously creative costumes for the event, whether you'll be trick-or-treating or partying. Check out 9 Awesome Last Minute Halloween Costumes You Can Make From Junk for some cool ideas on making some speedy but effective new disguises. On the other hand, if Halloween celebrations are scarce in your area, get together with a friend and watch some of your most beloved horror movies along with a Pick&Mix bag of your favorite sweets.

2. Try a new vegetable. Along with the chillier weather comes the flu, colds and a whole menagerie of nasty germs. As you probably know, eating vegetables and fruit every day will not only make you feel great, they help to keep away all these scary illnesses that we inevitably pick up during the winter months. If you're normally vegetable-shy like me, try the surprisingly tasty Innocent Veg Pots (my favourite is the Butternut Pearl Barley Risotto). If you're a veteran when it comes to healthy eating, why not try some more unusual delicacies such as salsify or the funky-looking romanesco?

3. Apply to university. Deadlines are in January but now's the best time to start your application. A degree is more valuable now than ever in terms of the opportunity it gives you, and with subjects available from Oceanography to Fashion Studies to Computer Science, there's bound to be something that you're into. See UCAS for more info on applying - it brings such a huge life change, but almost always for the better.

4. Invest in some extra-warm knitwear. Chunky knit cardigans, beanies and mittens are essential items for a winter wardrobe - don't get caught out without them! Check out Topshop's new Winter accessories.

5. Plan to have your Christmas in another country. New York, Spain, Greece, Paris or London at Christmas time - undoubtedly one you'll remember if you choose to go away for the holidays. Spending Christmas at home is fun, but going somewhere new and exciting is a fantastic getaway adventure. Start planning now!

6. Compile your own Spotify playlist. Excellent for while you're working, surfing the internet or planning a beautiful outfit for the next day, online playlists can be obtained for free through Spotify. Mix up some electro-pop with a bit of metalcore and punk thrown in and you're good to go!

7. Indulge your immature side and jump in a huge pile of leaves. Possibly the best thing about autumnal weather, besides epic conker wars.

8. Check out some of the gorgeous brand-new festive culinary goodies around. Christmas biscuits, mince pies and stocking fillers already?! There are some fabulous festive goodies stacked on shelves across the globe over the next few months, so hunt around your nearest supermarket or department store for some of the most unique, hilarious or beautiful holiday memorabilia bits & pieces you can find. This is one of my favourite - cute, sweet-smelling and useful!

This edition is a bit short due to other projects I have going on at the moment, but I hope it inspires you to try something new! Plus I'd love to hear any feedback from readers, so drop a comment or message and I'll be sure to write back.

28 September 2009

What Do YOU Wear To Parties?!

In a few weeks I have the unusual privilege of attending a party of a friend of mine - yay! Unusual in that there are rarely ever parties around here due to the severe lack of people, so it's always a big deal when someone organises one. Nothing hugely glamourous or ostentacious of course, just showing a couple of fabulous people some birthday love and generally having a mad, ridiculous time.

So, lovely readers, what do YOU wear to parties? Do you go out and buy something brand new especially for the occasion, or do you put together a stunning ensemble from pieces you already own?

If I had the money, here is a quick idea of what I'd wear:

Combining the usual culprits (skulls, hitch hem skirt, boots) with pretty feathers and sparkle!

24 September 2009

Thursday Fashion Therapy Numero Deux!

Hello all you industrious, hard-working people! Midweek has just rolled around and today I spied this fabulous little number on the Urban Outfitters website. It's true that you rarely hear 'Urban Outfitters' and 'cheap' in the same sentence, but this lovely thing is worth some appreciation, don't you agree?

Urban Outfitters Loop Print Applique Kisslock Purse - £9.99 [Reduced from £22.00]

A coin purse is a definite must-have in everyone's lives. Whether we need money for a Milky Way from the vending machine, a trip to the bathroom at the train station or simply issuing a small loan to a grovelling friend, fishing around in our pockets for spare change is hardly the elegant way to go about such matters, so why go on suffering without one of these beauties? I'm digging the white contrast applique against the delightfully retro floral background. Your hardest decision this week shall be: the pink or the blue?

What I Wore - 21/09/09.

Attempt #2 of my latest 'What I Wore' post! Blogger has been failing on me and flu has been ravaging my immune system, so excuse the brief absense as it shouldn't be much longer.

I finally had my hairdresser trim and redye my hair, yay!

Cardigan: Miss Selfridge
Scarf: Topshop
Tank: H&M
Belt: Lowlife
Jeans: H&M
Boots: Fryes

Several people have already been quite literally gobsmacked after asking how much it costs to have my hair dyed as well as cut, but lovely-looking hair really is a priceless investment - it will always make you look and feel twenty times better! So what if it costs a small fortune every few months? When you find someone with awesome razor/peroxide talent, why bother switching to a mediocre stylist just to save a few extra pounds? Good hair is an investment, put it that way.

In addition to this, I happened to chance across a couple of must-have buys at Miss Selfridge last weekend, including the aforementioned cardigan.

I also got this beret hat:

Not only does it keep my head warm, it doesn't clash with my skin or hair - major glee points! This is clearly a big deal for me, as I am known for never wearing hats. Except lovely ones like this. It's a grey-pink colour, so it goes with almost anything. My entire stance on the realm of hats and berets has been completely transformed.
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