18 February 2010

TFT #12!

Butterfly Plastic Bangle - £4.99

Mix up your summer accessories with a super-pretty butterfly bangle from Urban Outfitters - pile your arms high with different colours, textures and prints of fabulous wrist candy. Plus this beauty's on sale right down to a generous £4.99..not bad!

What I Wore Yesterday: 18/02/10

hello silly expression.

POF: cold, boring day.
Hoodie: Hollister (soft!)
Panda Hat: River Island
Jeans: Topshop
Boots: Purple DMs

14 February 2010

Recent Buys ♥

Lately has been spent indulging in some completely necessary gorgeous items..seems like I can't resist cute and pretty things! And you can't exactly say no when they're cheap.

Topshop heart necklace in support of Radical Self Love month! Bought second-hand on Ebay for £1.76 plus P&P. Cuteness indeed.

Also Topshop and also bought on Ebay second-hand, think I paid around £6 for it. It's a super-on-trend matte black - I've seen so many gold and silver ones, but not black!

If you like to have massive shops to yourself in order to try on funky accessories and trendy clothing, I highly recommend visiting Hereford on a weekday morning - the place was deserted! And considering the generous '20% off one item' promotion which H&M have been running lately, it's a great excuse to invest in some unashamedly ostentacious accessories like this netted bow headband I managed to get on Friday. Unfortunately the pink faux-suede lining of my handbag has rubbed off on it so it's covered in tiny pink fluffy bits!

THE Panda Hat! Ok, I admit it, I caved. But it's so cute and warm! I've been wearing it pretty much non-stop since I bought it.

Velvet leggings from H&M, again bought at reduced price with the promotional discount. I don't know what I'm going to wear with these, but they're fantastic.

Two scarves from A-Wear which I plan to wear together: one is lacy and the other has tiny hippie-ish bobbles along the edges. Not what I'd usually pick, but I have plans for them. :)

Among the more mundane purchases, I also bought some M&S socks with a leftover gift card, plus a free bamboo flannel from the Body Shop with a promotional Telegraph voucher! I have to admit that it was an excellent deal.

What've you bought this week?

13 February 2010

New Blazer ♥

FINALLY got the blazer I'd been lusting after for months! ♥

It's an Aeropostale blazer, funnily enough! I managed to get it for a great price on Ebay US, despite excessive customs charges, and it fits wonderfully - Ebay is such a gamble but once in a while you can get some truly fantastic pieces.

9 February 2010

What I Wore Today: 09/02/10

POF: schoool - being yelled at by teachers and lengthy bantering with lovely friends :)
Jacket: Topshop [sale!]
Scarf: Per Una - kind of threw it on, so ignore the disheveled look. I also bought my nan the same one in fuschia so we have matching grandmother-and-grandaughter scarves :)
Necklace: Miss Selfridge
Jumper: Hello Kitty at H&M
Playsuit: Topshop
Tights: H&M
Shoes: Primark! I couldn't get my boots on due to wearing thick knit tights, thermal leggings and extra-thick socks all at the same time. It's cold, you know.

River Island Order..♥

One thing which has delighted me recently amidst the gloom and despair of recent happenings is the fact that some of the most recent collections from River Island have been absolutely jaw-droppingly excellent. As in rush-around-in-a-mad-frenzy-for-your-credit-card excellent before ordering amazing pieces you probably shouldn't buy but can't resist anyway. I had originally planned to enforce my nan's cunning plan in shopping - buy everything you love and take back everything you can't realistically afford - but I really can't see myself taking any of these back.

Amazing hooded cardigan that was almost sold out; unfortunately there were only sizes 6-10 left. I went for a size 10 and it's a little on the small side, but you can't exactly turn something you fall in love with down, can you?

THE jacket, with the fabulous fringed scarf. Such a lovely scarf.

Front detail!

I also kind of want some of the incredible shoes they have, though I should probably wait until I get a job or something so I can afford them.

7 February 2010

SS10 Mood Board

As previously mentioned, the new trends for spring and summer of 2010 look to be absolutely divine. Cream, florals, lace and ruffles give a subtle Victoriana touch to many of the latest high street collections, making everything delightfully feminine yet comfortable, perfect for summer picnics, beach days and adventures. I'm loving the light, delicate fabrics and creams with pinks..so pretty!

What are your favourite pieces and styles for SS10? Style tips, anyone? What will YOU be wearing?

2 February 2010

Inspired: February Edition

image from here.

February is one of the strangest months of them all: Valentine's day - love it or hate it, with end-of-year school preparations (so sad! aahh) and spring collections everywhere..yet it's still pouring with rain outside?! February is one of those unfortunately dreary months, so it's more important than ever to keep ourselves feeling positive and inspired. Here are the Inspired tips for this month:

1. Catch up with The Playgirl's Guide To Radical Self-Love at iCiNG. There hasn't been a better month to get back in touch with the most gorgeous, amazing, talented person in your life - yourself. Be your own Valentine every day: keep checking Gala's blog for the latest in tips for achieving ultimate self-love and self-adoration.

2. Take advantage of all the heart-shaped Valentine's-exclusive goodies around. Heart-shaped lollipops, the cheesiest greeting cards, yummy chocolate covered strawberries..stock up now! My favourite Valentine's items have been a black chunky biro with coloured hearts all over and a glittery red gel pen with sequin hearts floating inside. So pretty!

3. Book your tickets to London Fashion Weekend before they sell out. I wanted to go last time but sadly couldn't make it..therefore I need to go this year! I have to admit I haven't been before, but it's the next best thing to the industry-only LFW shows so it's got to be amazing. You can't say no to up to 70% off of some of the gorgeous items on offer.

4. Redecorate your room. Especially if February's left you feeling a little rubbish, something as small as a new piece of art or a new set of patterned sheets can give your bedroom a fresh facelift. Check out ourbedrooms @ Livejournal for fantastic room decorations belonging to beautiful people around the world.

5. Go swimming. It's probably too cold to go back into the sea yet, but swimming can be so relaxing: exercise is great for helping to think things over as well as enabling your body to look and feel amazing. Visit an indoor pool on a weekday morning to avoid crowds and screaming children.

6. Invest in some second-hand books. Use Amazon to check similar authors of your favourite titles and seek out their novels on Ebay or your favourite charity shop.

7. Plan an extra-long holiday for this summer. Summer seems so far away, yet it can seem horribly daunting if you have several months ahead of doing relatively nothing, so why not plan to stay in your favourite country, state or city for a few weeks (or months)? Personally I'm not a fan of the traditional 10-day holiday as everything always seems so rushed - stay with a friend or family member and take time to enjoy the life around you in a whole different part of the world.

8. Buy Valentine's cards for your best friends. Even if you're looking to be single this V-day, no-one says you can't spread the Valentine's love between friends as well as partners and write some extra-special cards for your friends as well as your crush - let them know how much you appreciate them!

9. Plan an extravagant dinner at your favourite restaurant. Whether you're into lobster or Subway, ask a friend out one night for a delightfully over-the-top evening out at your favourite eatery. Even if you're just having pizza, it's a fun excuse to dress stunningly and catch up with someone.

Adding to my usual ideas list for my Inspired segment, I wanted to share some gorgeous images I've compiled over the month. I hope you enjoy! Click the image for a link to the source.










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