30 March 2009

What I Wore Today: 30/3/09

Bought a new top on Saturday :D & in true little-kid style, I had to wear it asap. I'm attempting to mix more girly stuff into my wardrobe, though I hate anything too tight, trendy or with a super-low neckline, which is what (unfortunately) is worn by most girls I know.

I tackled a bag of leftover clothing from my latest wardrobe detox, now I have aching arms from trying SO many things on. D; only in my closet, I swear. I want to sell what either doesn't suit me or what I hardly ever wear so I have as much money as possible for my post-birthday New York trip. Such a great incentive!

Today's Outfit:


POF: Co-ordinating with new top & dressing for skoool.
Jacket: H&M
Top: H&M
Thermal: Primark (only £1.96: I love you, January sales)
Necklace: Topshop
Leather Pantz: Topshop. Attracted many "greased lightening" comments from little kids on my bus. what the fuck, seriously.
Boots: Doc Marten.


  1. cute cute!
    how/where are you planning on selling your clothes? I've got a huge bag full of old things and most of it's still really nice (although not my style) so I've been thinking about how to sell it. hrrg.
    good luck to you! haha~

  2. Thank you! ♥

    I sell mine & my family's unwanted clothes on Ebay, as now you can list 99p items for free, which cuts down on the listing fees. I give anything which doesn't sell to charity shops - definitely something to feel good about!


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