16 June 2009

10 Awesome Finds From ModCloth.com

Revising at school today got way too much for my head to cope with, so I found some gorgeous pieces on Modcloth for yourselves to lust over! These are some of my favourite pieces from this site which, if you haven't yet heard of it, sells some gorgeously quirky, interesting and vintage-inspired pieces and accessories which make me wish I was extremely wealthy. Though I may just buy a couple of things...

Rocket Jacket
How gorgeous is this jacket, really?! I adore interesting blazers, and I love the nautical-inspired stripes. I can imagine wearing this with a pretty dress and flats, then being able to wear it with skinny jeans and boots. Oh the possibilities...

2. Photobucket
Play The Odds Vest
More stripes! Fitted waistcoats (or vests, as they're known) can instantly transform a plain, dull outfit into a stunning ensemble. This particular one is vintage-inspired with the tiny matching buttons and pinstripes and can be worn with a dress equally well as with a fitted t-shirt. Smart and not too tacky, like so many waistcoats in the high street stores lately.

3. Photobucket
Life Is But A Dream Skirt
Delightfully nautical-inspired - amazing for summer! I think I'm magnetically drawn to skirts with cute, girly bows as belts, but do you not agree that this is divine?

4. Photobucket
Vanilla Skies Parasol
Doesn't the name alone just make you want to own this? Mmm, vanilla skies. Parasols are possibly the #1 essential item for summer, especially if you have pale, easily burnt skin like mine. I currently don't own one, and this is the prettiest one I've seen so far. And there's only 2 left. What to do?!

5. Photobucket
Tiers For Fears Dress
Plain and simple, but that's definitely something that's lacking in my own wardrobe. Layered skirts delight me, as well as imagining how well this dress could go with just about everything I own.

6. Photobucket
Calendar Girl Dress
Wonderfully simple and very classy-looking. I can imagine this being worn to somewhere expensive, but who says you can't wear beautiful dresses wherever you want?

7. Photobucket
London Victoria Bag
The name of this bag evokes, well, interesting memories! Though I can't imagine the white stripes of the bow staying white for very long if it's taken down there, especially with the canvas body. Subtly sailor-inspired pieces like this are beautiful, and yes, I think I am obsessed with bows.

8. Photobucket
Bo Derek Shorts
I'm not entirely sure who Derek is, but I can imagine so many of my most stylish friends lusting after these too. I'd wear them with tights as prescribed and would purchase them in a flash - shame they're sold out! Ugh.

9. Photobucket
Coup de Coeur Watch Ring
A watch ring that doesn't look horrendously chavvy! How on earth do they do it? Definitely a cute piece that would get tons of strange yet amusing compliments. Plus all the best things are heart-shaped.

10. Photobucket
It Must Be The Money Wallet
Haha, how great is this?! A definite must-have for the enigmatic eccentric who enjoys deceiving their friends, though it's really just a cute wallet from Modcloth with hundred dollar bills printed on it.


Lately I've been unintentionally shunning my blog due to studying-related obligations, though I have one more exam Thursday after which all shall return to normal! Important exams are something you usually only get one shot at, so it's best to do well and hope that all the neglecting of friends and usual enjoyments pays off in the long run. I've got LOTS planned that I hope you'll enjoy! :)

PS - Mary Queen Of Charity Shops is on BBC 2 tonight at 9PM GMT. Great show - does anyone else watch it? It fits in perfectly with my post about second hand pieces and I can't wait to see what the design team does with the place!


  1. Fantastic post! So many cute items- I'm defo going to check this website out! I LOVE the Life is but a dream skirt!

    I've been watching Mary Queen of Shops- you've just reminded me that it's the final one tonight! I think she's ace xxx

  2. I love the Tiers for Fears dress!

  3. That first jacket is to die for! If only I could afford to have Modcloth stuff shipped to me, sigh...!

  4. I love the dresses and the shorts! Bo Derek was an actress and model most popular in the 70's. Your parents probably know who she is...

  5. i wish i was the type of girl who would look good with a parasol. i bought a lacy one last summer and used it once because i felt ridiculous. haha!


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