2 June 2009

What I Wore For My Birthday!

Yesterday was an extremely fun day as it was my 18th birthday :)

What I wore yesterday:

Cardigan - All Saints
Tee - FSAS [Pac Sun]
Necklace - M&S
Jeans - Topshop
Boots - Frye

Meet my new favourite birthday present...

To replace my lovely but dead RTBU engineer boots [RIP] - these seem much stronger & the real leather smells amazing. I would've had them in white if they made them, but I adore the black too. They're extremely painful at the moment but I'm sure they'll improve. ++ I'm very excited to have a pair of boots I can wear with skirts! love them. ♥

Also my hair is now a dark raspberry/red colour - looks so different! Expect photos asap.
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