13 February 2010

New Blazer ♥

FINALLY got the blazer I'd been lusting after for months! ♥

It's an Aeropostale blazer, funnily enough! I managed to get it for a great price on Ebay US, despite excessive customs charges, and it fits wonderfully - Ebay is such a gamble but once in a while you can get some truly fantastic pieces.


  1. aahh, i love it! i've been dying for the a blazer like this, it's so lovely!

  2. Thanks! ♥ Zara and Topshop have similar ones but the Aero one is my favourite..it's super-soft & fits soo well!

  3. cute, I adore blazers, which is handy for work! I love how they instantly dress up even the grungiest outfit, in fact I particularly love them with an otherwise casual outfit!

  4. Thank you! ♥ That's true: on my last count I had 6 blazers..they're so useful!


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