30 December 2009

Boxing Day Bargains, Oh How I Love Thee...

It's true, sales have been starting so much earlier now than ever! You've all heard the crazy stories of the chaos resulting from this year's post-Christmas reductions...

- Panel falls on Selfridges shoppers in Manchester

- Riots in Gucci..what?!

- And even more craziness!

Luckily Bristol wasn't quite this bad, though there was still a fair amount of shoving and crazy queues!

Here is my comparitively small Topshop haul:

Grey jersey blazer, reduced from £45 to £25, a great plain alternative to my other blazers which are all patterned

Black wool biker jacket, reduced from £65 to £30. I was rather distraught when these had all sold out on the website, though they had plenty in the store.

Topshop is definitely the place to go for sale bargains, as most of their items are a bit too expensive at full price and the discounts are always generous. Plus they seem to reduce all their winter and party season stock, not just the stuff that isn't selling.

Post your sale bargains!


  1. What great jackets, I especially love the first one! I got my super reduced pair of carvela shoes and a suit from All Saints.

  2. Thanks! Most jersey blazers look atrocious on my shape, but that one fits surprisingly well. :)

    I can't believe your amazing shoes! I'd love to see your All Saints suit too, all their stuff is divine.

  3. both of them are incredible!
    now i want to go shop for jackets ;)


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