7 January 2010

TFT #10

Etsy Heart Fingerless Gloves [Pattern] - $4, approx £2.50

Why not make the most of the cold days and nights inside and craft yourself some gorgeously cosy fingerless gloves? No-one can have enough of them, in my opinion - they keep your hands fabulously cosy whilst being able to write/pick things up/glue photographs (too much Photography work lately I think!). Clothes and accessories you make yourself make them 10x more fun to wear, so make yourself something beautiful to keep warm!


  1. I like your blog and the new years tip ideas you gave. You have a great blog design and have a fun blog to read.

    Best regards,
    Tom Bailey

  2. Tom: Thanks so much, that's fantastic to hear :) I read your blog too, definitely some wonderfully interesting links and ideas to contemplate.

    Krysten: Yay, I love them too! The best gloves of both worlds.


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