17 September 2009

Thursday Fashion Therapy: Your New Mid-Week Pick-Me-Up!

Face it: when the midweek mark rolls around we're already completely and utterly drained, ready for the mammoth lie-in of the week. But wait, there's still more work to get through - how on earth will we manage it?! Friday (as well as Thursday) for many people is a case of dragging themselves out of bed in a semi-conscious, disheveled state with nothing more lingering in the mind other than the weekend ahead. How on earth do we quell these mid-week blues? With a little self-indulgent retail therapy of course!

Personally I find that even the cheapest midweek purchase can cheer me up from any chaos or drama going on at school, as long as it's pretty and exciting as well as possibly being glittery, scented or fluffy. You don't need to rush out and blow your savings on an expensive designer coat or a cashmere jumper every time you feel stressed or down from work overload - anything cheap, lovely and appealing will suffice.

I wanted to make this a regular weekly addition to this blog; each week I post a new item either from a high street store or online costing £10 or less so you needn't feel guilty about treating yourself. This could be a brand new wardrobe addition, an exciting new accessory or an unusual cosmetic product - anything to entice the senses and make your midweek experience that much more enjoyable.

This week's dose of must-have fashion therapy:

Dorothy Perkins Grey Flower Print Cotton Scarf - £10

Scarves are the ultimate accessory for adding a touch of elegance and sophistication to even the simplest of outfits. Though summer seems disappearing away with florals, show your passion for a classic print with this beautiful cream and brown floral print scarf by Dorothy Perkins. Wear with gorgeously girly yet plain dresses in neutral tones, as well as a cardigan and your favourite boots. No one ever said floral prints had to disappear with the real flowers, so why should they?


  1. Aww, that's a great idea for a feature :) And a lovely scarf!

  2. Lovin the scarf!

    One Love,


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