2 May 2009

Love & Sequins from Gala Darling

'Puddle Of Sequins' by Soda-Dreamer @ DeviantArt.com

Avid readers of the fabulous & candy-tressed Gala Darling's blog will know about her latest concoction, the wonderful Love & Sequins: Making Magic Happen.

For anyone who hasn't heard, Gala will be releasing frequent installments of podcasts on the subject of just about everything relevant to our lives - love, style, music, sex, dreams, fashion, travelling..anything! What makes her latest creation so unique is that Gala writes each 'cast herself, tells it in her own(awesomely accented) voice and draws on her own experience..wonderful stuff!

After listening to installment number one a couple of days ago, I can truly attest that the excitement is completely valid; these podcasts will brighten up your day, educate you and inspire you. Load one onto your MP3 player or laptop, and listen to it on the train, in your favourite chair or whilst drifting off to sleep. Plus you can gift them to friends as a thoughtful 'just because' virtual present. I admit I have not yet listened to the episode all the way through due to lack of quiet time (#1 has a duration of a whopping 51 minutes 13 seconds!) but I can't wait to - it's wonderful stuff.

I hope readers of my blog will check it out, as Gala speaks on topics we can all relate to & so it should be relevant to you too! She has put a ton of effort into this project, and it definitely shows. If you get to listen to it yourself, I truly hope you enjoy it.


  1. I've been looking at your blog for a little while now and although I think your entries are great, and I like your writing style, I kind of felt like your layout is an eye sore and that it might hold you back, should you decide to take this blog further.

    I hope not to offend you in any way by saying this, but I want to help.

    So, I made you this. It's the same size as your current header and I really hope that you like it. It's yours with no strings attached, as I made it just for you:


    I really quite like your name and I just didn't feel like your layout embodied it.

    As for the background, I feel like you could stick with the polka dots or you could go with the pink diagonal stripes you have on the side here and use it as your background, but really you should pick one or the other as too many patterns can be overwhelming. You could even just go for a solid pale pink for the sidebar if you wanted.

    Once again, I definitely do not want to offend, but rather help. If you would like any additional help, just let me know.

    ♥ Kim

  2. Thank you, that's so kind! ♥

    No offence taken at all - I'm no good with layouts myself! I was thinking of changing it up in future, deciding what I'd prefer & making it simpler. That's so kind of you to make the banner, it's beautiful and I shall definitely use it. xxxxxxxxxx


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