13 May 2009

New skirt! Oh Joys. ♥

Oh the joys of late-night online shopping...

I recently found this gorgeous skirt on the Dorothy Perkins website a couple days ago and clearly I had to have it! The style is very similar to that of the All Saints hitched hem skirts, which I adore but can't afford, and turns out about £40-60 cheaper. Normally Dorothy Perkins clothes are dull and/or hideous, but I was pleasantly surprised by some of the gorgeous pieces they have on their website. Birthday list, anyone?

I'm super-happy with it! Only £25 + P&P. Quite expensive for me, but I think it's worth it, as it's a versatile piece. The material is quite light & it's shorter than expected which worries me on windy days like today; however it's gorgeous & I think the style more than makes up for that! I bought a size 12 and was debating whether I should have bought a size 10 instead as it's slightly loose, though I thought it's better to be safe - I'm not a fan of muffin tops.

Oh, and a girl kindly informed me across the 'playground' (why does a secondary school have a playground again?!) that I should "wear some fucking trousers". Err, what?! I'm not sure why. I know I don't have the most amazing, supermodel-esque legs (hello chunky calves from walking everywhere!) but I love skirts and don't think anyone should be discouraged from wearing them, as long as they're not ridiculously obscene of course.

++ Thanks to the magically addictive Polyvore, I came up with a wishlist 10 of my favourite 'if-I-was-rich' skirts. They make me happy just looking at them & imagining I own them.

All Saints Hitch Mini Skirt [£60]

All Saints Hitch Skirt [£75]

Collette.fr Skirt [~£900]

Dorothy Perkins Pink Full Lace Skirt [£40]

Eruca.jp Grey Jersey High-Waisted Skirt [price unknown] - how cute are some of the things on this site?! Some of their items are amazing.

FanPlusFriend Classical Gothic Lolita Bustle Tiered Cotton Skirt [~£40]

Kelly Ewing Short Hitched Burgundy & Black Skirt [£75]

Sterlingandpearls.com Pink & Black Puffy Skirt [~£40]

Topshop USA skirt [~£30]

Wet Seal Buffalo Plaid Swing Skirt [~£8] - just to satisfy my plaid fetish.

What's on your wishlist?


  1. That's a super gorgeous skirt. That girl is just jealous case she can't rock killer style like you do.

  2. Thanks! :D it was one of those 'I-must-have-this-NOW' type of things...I'm delighted with it!

    Though I do find it amusing, some insults that various kids come up with - they just HAVE to be recorded for entertainment purposes!

  3. I love all of those skirts! Only i do have to make a point: those hitch skirts look ridiculously similar to the skirt I reconned in the winter - the long skirt i hitched to make it pretty ^_^

    It was my idea first :P!

  4. Hi Charlie! ♥

    I LOVE the skirt you made! I hope you wear it lots, it's amazing. I think All Saints stole your idea - they didn't start selling awesome clothes like those skirts until recently.

  5. Oh how I love a skirt with bustles and folds. This post has been a treat to read.


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