24 May 2009

Survey! What I'm Using Right Now.

Hurray for the unofficial 'end of school'! Study leave is happenin' for the next few weeks, so I should have more time to update from now on.

The 'What I'm Using' Survey [from the divine Cupcakes and Cherries.]


Shampoo - TIGI Catwalk Fashionista shampoo. It's supposed to be better for my coloured hair than my previous L'Oreal offering & I love the smell. Shame it dries out my scalp so much! I'm finishing off this bottle & then looking into other brands.

Conditioner - TIGI Catwalk Oatmeal & Honey Conditioner. I've used this for years and adore the smell, & it seems to condition hair well without making it too greasy.

Hair Mask - ION Protein Repair stuff from Sally's. It does make my hair quite soft, especially the ends, but VO5's Hot Oil treatment is my favourite as it makes my hair super-shiny.

Styling Products - Where do I begin?! I have so many it can't be doing me any good. The main ones I use are:
- Bed Head Hard Head hairspray
- VO5 Miracle Mist Heat Protect
- Bead Head 'Cocky' Thickening Paste
- American Crew hair wax


Body Wash - Switching between Lush's 'The Olive Branch' and the delectable 'Snow Fairy'.

Body Moisturizer - I've been using crazy amounts of E45 cream lately due to sunburn and other products messing up my sensitive skin. This stuff is SUCH a lifesaver! Body butters by 'The Body Shop' smell divine and are my immediate second choice.

Deodorant - Mitchum, baby. Doesn't mess up my skin and works fine. Shame about the packaging, I think they should make it look prettier as I feel weird about having it on my dressing table.

Fake Tan - Pale's where it's at.


Makeup Remover - Simple face wipes for the end of every day and Bobbi Brown's Eye Makeup Remover for eyeliner mistakes.

Cleanser - Boots Expert Sensitive Skin Foaming Face Wash.

Exfoliator - St Ives Apricot Scrub. I have the 'sensitive' formula as it's much more creamy & gentle than the regular kind.

Mask - Lush's 'A Crash Course In Skincare' - smells SO good, lasts ages & performs true miracles. All their masks are amazing! 'Cupcake' is my second favourite, though I'm not fond of the dubious brown marks it leaves all over the bathroom.


Primer - ...I should probably use one, shouldn't I?!

Foundation - Bobbi Brown Oil-Free Compact Foundation [Ivory]. However recently my skin's dried out and this shows up every dry imperfection on my face and then becomes very greasy despite being oil-free. Could anyone recommend me some others to try?

Concealer - Bobbi Brown Concealer Stick [Porcelain]

Powder - Good ol' Bobbi Brown again, as well as Physician's Formula for redness.

Blush - Bobbi Brown's Rose Shimmer Block. What can I say? I love her stuff.

Bronzer - I don't use bronzer.

Highlighter - Nope.

Eyebase - I think I may need some.

Eyeshadow - Switching back and forth between MAC and Ulta products. I don't mind a bit of Urban Decay either.

Eyeliner - MAC Fluidline [Blacktrack]. I have major love for this stuff.

Curler - Some cheap kind from Ebay - they seem to work!

Mascara - Maybelline Full & Soft. It gives gorgeous volume & never clumps. Possibly the world's most perfect mascara?

Lipstick - Nope.

Gloss - I was thinking about using some, but lipgloss drives me crazy! It's sticky and downright irritating. I can't seem to find any that doesn't make my lips feel like they have sticky toddler syndrome all over.

Nail Varnish - MAC and GOSH, though I haven't worn any lately. Both brands have beautiful shades that last ages.


  1. Totally agree about the Mitchum packaging- it's so good but so boring! Defo needs a girly brand re-vamp :) x

  2. Ha, that's true! I'm thinking pink and glitter...


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