26 August 2009

[QUESTION] If You Were The Opposite Gender, How Would You Dress?

Ok, we all know it's not possible to suddenly wake up as the opposite sex in some kind of twisted 'Boy/Girl Thing'-esque parody. Recently I've listened to the rantings of some of my lovely and fantastically fashionable male friends, ie. what should I wear, how hideous is this top, why are all the high street stores full of rubbish this season, etc. Rifling through the mens section at Topman is, whilst ignoring the odd looks from passers-by, quite interesting.

Wandering into the men's section is like a new awakening to a world of fashion I have little experience with, as normally I go shopping in order to clothe myself and not a guy. Things like adjusted waist sizes, chest sizes and collar sizes seem to mean nothing to me in the men's shops, which is honestly rather alienating. Also, considering the sad lack of male-targeted high street shops selling truly stylish clothes, I'm not surprised that half the guys forced into those places by mums and girlfriends feel a bit alienated themselves.

So, hypothetically speaking, if I was a male, this would be my capsule wardrobe:

[click here for larger images + prices and stores]

Description: Rock-inspired clothing with a hefty portion of All Saints goodness thrown in for good measure. Despite the price, it would work out as fairly good value overall, as I'd be wearing each piece over and over. All the pieces would work perfectly for layering as well as matching, so these pieces would blend in seamlessly from season to season. The cranberry-coloured t-shirt could be worn with or under any of the other pieces, as it is the sole vibrant colour amongst a collection of neutrals, which are neither overwhelming in pattern nor colour whilst still making a statement.

I should probably create my very own capsule wardrobe; unfortunately I enjoy experimenting with so many styles that it probably wouldn't work! Maybe in a few years?

Again, the question: If you were the opposite gender, how would you dress? Would you dress in a similar style to how you already do, or would you go for something completely new and different? Would you stick to gender-specific clothing, or would you characterize yourself as the cheeky crossdresser? I want to know!
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