13 October 2009

Lockerz, anyone?

I'm sure a few people have heard of it before or have joined already, but this site slightly mystifies me. Free handbags for collecting points from answering questions and playing games? Possibly too good to be true, but it's worth a try, right?

The lovely Nikki from oh, fabulous sent an invite my way, so I had to check it out in person.

It seems Lockerz is being advertised as being 'the next big thing', building up a solid foundation of members with the temptation of gorgeous free stuff from points attained through daily activity before releasing secret new content. And free stuff is awesome, so I'm not complaining.

The bag, please!

Let me know by commenting with your email address if you'd like an invite - I have lots and would love to share them if anyone's interested.


  1. i don't know if you still have any invites, but this sounds interesting! my email is shockhorror_x@hotmail.co.uk (:

  2. Sure, no probs! I'll send you one right away.

    I have built up 101 'PTZ' so far, so I shall buy something once they become restocked and post on the experience. :)

  3. It says you're currently in the system so I'm guessing you've already been sent an invite..or do you have an alternate email I could sent it to?


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