30 October 2009

Miss Selfridge Christmas '09 Collection

See the entire collection here!

Miss Selfridge have evidently stepped it up for the holidays, judging from their (literally) dazzling brand-new Christmas '09 collection. Expect glitter, studs, sparkle, sequins, leather, super-bodyhugging fits, overuse of the word 'gunmetal' and plenty of unashamedly glamourous pieces!

One could argue that the more sparkly pieces are ripped off from the worst fashions of the 1980s, reminiscent of too much hairspray and certainly way too much spandex. Though if you can't dress up in outrageously sparkly pieces at Christmas, when can you?

Personally I'm lusting after the glamrock-style studs, leather and metallics as well as the over-the-top, excessively sparkly dresses that are unlikely to be seen at any other time of the year (I'm in love..).

Any idea what you're wearing for those Christmas parties yet?
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