13 October 2009

What I Wore Today: 13/10/09

Despite the sunshine outside, I didn't want to wait another day to start wearing my favourite coats again! Unfortunately one of the buttons came off soon after I got to school which I shall reattach shortly.

Coat: Kimchi & Blue
Skirt: Topshop circa 2003
Tights: Oldd (I got banned from wearing these at my last school! Apparently they were too exciting)
Boots: Fryes

Lately my outfit posts appear as if I'm not wearing makeup..leaving off eyeliner and eyeshadow makes a surprising difference! I recently had a minor eye infection so have decided to play it safe recently.

I am also having a minor wardrobe crisis - many of my clothes I just don't wear anymore! My style has changed a lot over the last few years and many trends at the moment just don't appeal to me, so shopping lately has been rather fruitless. Therefore I'm merely rotating a small collection of outfits which is completely depressing for someone who loves mixing up clothing as much as I do! Anything similar going on with anyone else?
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