15 October 2009

Thursday Fashion Therapy #4!

Thursday has rolled around again, along with drama, crazy giggling and the anticipation of wonderful things to come! Think of all the great events coming up over the next couple of months: Christmas, holidays, wintery weather, parties..there's such an enormous selection of events to look forward to in the near future! Due to the aforementioned drama and stress over the last few days, TFT is more than necessary.

Dorothy Perkins Silver Textured Bangle Set - £10

Noisy jewelry has become something of a trademark of mine lately - I'm nearly always wearing my DP biker bangle set (sans one jewel) and my Urban Outfitters wings necklace. Being your own walking percussion is a fantastic way to put a smile on your face and accessorize an otherwise plain outfit. Why not check out all the amusing rhythms you can jingle along to? These are wonderfully shiny with a great mix of textures, so mix them up to create a different look with your accessories every day.
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