8 October 2009

Thursday Fashion Therapy: Edition #3!

This week: the succulently sweet B Sugarlips Scrub!

B Sweet Lips Sugar Scrub - £4.40
B Mint Julips Sugar Scrub - £4.40
Also comes in bubblegum!

Lip scrub is undoubtedly one of those products you think you'll never need, but when you find yourself using it every other day it's difficult to remember how you ever lived without it. Being lucky enough to live near one of the delightfully glamourous and glittery B stores, I tend to wander in there when bored of the neighboring discount superstores and sniff/sample as many of the iridescent, colourful products as I possibly can. Although there's a time and a place for high-glitter creme eyeshadow and decadent shimmery body butter, their coveted lip scrub is my definite, must-have B essential.

The scrub is very easy and quick to use: simply massage a small amount onto clean lips before rinsing off with water, leaving formerly beat-up lips pillowy soft as well as a lingering chocolatey aftertaste (or minty if you're using the mint version!). If there's one coveted accessory this winter, especially after having your skin horribly ravaged by icy winds, it's gorgeous lips: get your own, all for a surprisingly minimal price. Try some for yourself!


  1. Interesting, I've never used a lip scrub, but my lips do get really dry and cracked in the winter so maybe I should start. Plus I love the idea of a glittery chocolatey aftertaste!

  2. The taste is divine! I could probably eat this stuff. Vaseline is my favourite for dry, sore lips and the scrub is perfect for the nasty bits of skin that seem to come off at the same time.

  3. oh my gosh, i want to try this stuff! sounds amazing. my lips peel sometimes and i've never found the perfect solution for it.


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