22 April 2009

My Forever 21 Order! + What I Wore Today.

Yay, it's FINALLY here! After such a long wait, I was relieved and delighted to finally receive it.

My mum picked it up from the Post Office today because there was a customs charge. Such a huge box for what I ordered!


I'm wearing my purchases tomorrow so I'll be sure to take photos & give my verdict on the lot!

The only thing that irritated me was the cumulative cost of the whole order - it was ridiculously expensive for what I received.
Cost of merch: $43.40 / £29.78
Cost of shipping: $39.95 / £27.41
Customs charge: $18.44 / £12.65
Total cost of order: $101.79 / £69.84

Wow! I don't think I'll be purchasing anything from their site again; my current account balance has gone right down after this. Maybe I'll ask for something from there as a birthday present instead? I'm a little annoyed that even though the package was very light, the shipping cost almost $40 - a package of that weight shouldn't even cost $10 to send! The package must have been stamped by their own franking machine - very sneaky indeed - as the actual cost isn't shown on the box. I think they'd get many more UK and international customers if their shipping prices were honest and reasonable.

I better get my wear out of my purchases. At least they're cute, so I should wear them lots!

This is what I wore today:

POF: Wearin' my skully skirt for the first time in forever. Anyone got any great ideas on how to wear it?
Blazer: Urban Outfitters
Scarf: Camden
Tee: The Rocket Summer gig
Necklaces (hidden) Delias / Formulaexo.com
Skirt: H&M
Tights: I used to wear these to school when we had uniforms..so I forget where they're from.
Boots: Demonia.

I was also wearing a cute skull cameo brooch from the wonderful Kitschtique at Etsy.com. She makes delightfully cute things, so go check out her shop!

Unfortunately the temperature here has suddenly rocketed, so I doubt I'll get to wear tights and jackets for a while because they're super-warm. I'll miss you, black clothes! I'll definitely wear something thinner tomorrow.

Question: How has the sudden (but welcomed) hot weather affected the way you dress?


  1. Looking cuuute. That's a shame that it cost you so much for the F21 order. I adore F21, though a lot of my clothes from there do fall apart, so maybe it's for the best.

    A: Especially since my trip to CA has made the shock of hot weather come sooner, I'm wearing lots of dresses and skirts. They're thinner to pack, anyway.

    Also, TONS of sunscreen. I am a ghost, after all.

  2. you look so cute ^^ It's a shame they're so sneaky with shipping, a lot of people and places seem to do that :/

    For the hot weather I'm wearing lots of white clothing. I already wear lots of dresses so it's not to much of a transition for me over to summer clothes.

  3. Mermaid: Thank you! I adore their stuff too - people say Primark is the British equivalent to F21 but I don't agree, it doesn't come close. Plus sunscreen is always a good idea, it's surprising how baked you can get by spending even a short time in the sun.

    Juliet: Thanks! ♥ I know, it's true - very annoying of them! I know lots of other British people who love their stuff too, but can't afford that postage price.
    I adore your summery clothes! I definitely need some cute, seasonal & long-ish dresses myself.


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