11 April 2009

What I Wore Today: 11/04/09

POF: Going out to eat w/ family. Posh dinners are boring, as I never like anything on the menu. Raw salmon is foul. D; So I might as well wear something I like if the day's gonna be boring!
Blazer: Primark
T-shirt: Bleeding Star
Necklaces: Formulaexo.com, Delias, Topshop
Belt: Lowlife
Jeans: H&M

Excuse my messy room, I literally dumped out my suitcase onto the floor when I got home last night. I travelled for 3 hours via public transport (in the rain!) to go to a gig with my b/f. It ended up being cancelled. So I wasn't too happy, & therefore felt much too drained to organise my stuff.

Though I did manage to fall in love with this perfume.
SO GOOD. I bought a 5ml bottle on Ebay which should arrive soon. I tried it a couple days ago, it's amazing. A completely sexy, sophisticated & expensive aroma which isn't overpowering, just like you'd expect from Vivienne Westwood. Plus the bottle will look pretty on my dresser.

It's ALWAYS good to wear expensive perfume, as it nearly always smells divine, & the smell won't make you gag after several hours.

Hope everyone gets to do something fun for Easter! ♥


  1. That Primark blazer is really nice. In fact, I like the whole outfit.:) Very presentable for posh, boring dinners with the family xxN

  2. Thank you! ♥

    Haha, I figured it was 'smart' enough to wear out without parents complaining.


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