4 April 2009

What I Wore: 2/4/09

Bit of a late post but I've been super-busy lately, what with my college interview & getting ready for the boyfriend's birthday. Very excited. :D

I'm off school for 2 weeks now, can't wait!

This is what I wore Friday:

Jacket: Primark
T-shirt: Pac-Sun
Necklaces: Formulaexo.com (they have such wonderful jewellery!) & Delias
Skirt: Urban Outfitters (yay for ultra-cheap goodies in the sales)
Boots: RTBU white engineer boots RIP. ='[ The entire sole came off the morning this was taken! I've learnt from my mistakes though, I wore them way too much. Might be getting some Veronica Frye boots instead for everyday wear, & buy some different white ones from Sweet Chili Lolita. But not wear them quite so vigorously.
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