5 April 2009

Summer! ♥

The days are getting longer, the weather's getting warmer, the ice cream van is outside school almost every day now. This can only mean one thing...Summer!

Question: What do YOU wear for summer?

Personally, I've never really worn anything seasonal or suitable for warmer weather before. When I used to go to Florida to see my family every year, it was clear to other people which one of us didn't live there! Normally I'd just wear t-shirts and jeans, despite the heat. Plus my parents have weird issues about leg shaving, so I never show my legs for fear of terrifying young children.

Despite before, I really want to get some pretty summery clothes this year which I can actually wear! I don't want to be the sulky goth child sitting under an umbrella at the beach while everyone else is enjoying themselves. I love pretty skirts and bermuda shorts (though they've never caught on much in the UK..why?!) but usually layer them somehow instead of wearing them by themselves. Though in summer it's too hot to wear tights and long socks, and so it's necessary to start wearing cool, seasonal, pretty things!

There's some gorgeous new styles in the stores this season - a great excuse to restock your winter wardrobes with fun and fabulous items.

I ordered these from Forever 21:

I can imagine it layered with tights, skinny jeans, t-shirts or on its own. Plus the colours are gorgeous.

I need a high waisted belt, no question. This one is slightly punk-ish and plain without being too dull, I adore it.

Pretty. :D

Because of astronomical (& unfair!) international shipping costs, I wanted these as well:

Another pretty dress, I love the colours of this.

Vests rock. Double breasted things are awesome. Therefore this vest/waistcoat must be mine.

If these are still around by my birthday, I'm definitely asking for them. Though if I'd have had these too, after shipping would've been added, I'd have had to pay over $150! And that's even without possible tax. I know many US clothing companies are being kind to us foreigners by offering international shipping, but it should be based on weight and size of the order rather than price. They are putting off many potential customers by putting up their shipping rates to ridiculous prices just to post a couple of dresses or tops, which is completely unnecessary.
Though some places are still making excuses, refusing to post anything outside of their own states. We've gotta be grateful for the companies that make the efforts, I suppose.

Back on topic: what are some of your favourite trends in the stores for this summer?
Mine are:

- Layered/ruffled dip dyed clothing.

From M&S. My nan offered to buy this as part of her frequent marksandspencer.com shopping spree - I didn't know whether I wanted it at first, but I may have to take her up on that!
Primark also have some pretty dip dyed long tops in different styles and colours.

- Colourful boho. I must namedrop Primark again, as I feel it is yet again necessary. It's not the ugly brown, stringy, beaded, old lady boho look of several years ago, it's fresh and new in an array of rainbow colours with some gorgeous swirly prints & sexy details. Some of Primark's newest tops and dresses have some exquisite summery prints with silvery details, reminiscent of that old boho look except not as hideous.

- Plaid! Plaid works around the clock - wooly double breasted coats, hobo bags, jackets and dresses all look wonderful in the classic plaid design. Just don't go over the top.

So these are my questions:
What do YOU wear in the summer?
Favourite (or least favourite) summer trends this year?
Any amazing summer finds already?

No outfit pictures today, as I'm wearing simple jeans & a Paramore tour tee ready for cleaning out my bunny's hutch. I don't mind - he appreciates it!


  1. I actually wrote a post about summer recently too. I really like wearing dresses in the summer. I order almost everything I own from forever 21. It's so tempting since it's cheap and cute.

  2. Just read yours - excellent tips & I totally agree with all of it! More people should carry parasols, the lolita style ones are divine.

    Definitely agree about F21 - if they had a store in the UK I think I'd have to live there!


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