29 July 2009

What I Wore Yesterday: 28/07/09

I embarked upon writing an article the other day; it proved to be far too lengthy to complete all in one evening. It'll be up soon enough! I have many ideas still in progress and hope to unleash them all upon the world in blog-format very shortly.

POF: people should follow my example: stop saying "omg I can't BELIEVE it's July, look at the weather" and wear a damn hoodie. they're comfortable and warm.
Hoodie: Hollister. Evil, no? But I love it. It's the most comfortable thing I own, as well as being the one which gets dirty the fastest as the sleeves are miles too long for me.
T-shirt: Forever The Sickest Kids gig
Tights: somewhere
Shorts: Primark
Boots [not pictured]: Fryes


  1. You hair looks so Ziggy here! It's awesome :)

  2. Haha, thankyou! ♥ I have a friend who likes to stroke my hair everytime I see her and marvels at how fluffy it is. xD

  3. thanks for your comment sweetheart, means alot! i'm going to try and not be lazy with posting.

    p.s you have some bad ass hair! :)

  4. Thanks! :) haha, I've become rather lazy with posting lately too..there's too much else going on in the world!

  5. The hoodie is really nice. :)

  6. Thank you! ♥ I love the colour & the cosyness of it - proves that Hollister is not all evil!


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